Otome game scenario writing (creative writing)


We are looking for enthusiastic scenario writers in English, German, or French for the apps.

Anyone who can write good scenarios for PsychiXX, the most popular app is mostly desired.

About 1 million users in 40 countries around the world will be the audience and it would be an excellent opportunity to show your talent.

The job is open for those who love games and writing stories.

Otome game scenario writing (creative writing) in English
Use your English scenario writing skills for the popular romance game title.

Number of words in English: 50,000 words (German, or French)
Reward: 400 USD/ 50,000 words
Payment condition: Closing at the end of the month, payment at the end of two month later (About 90 days after acceptance and inspection)


We develop and publish romantic simulation apps and have about 1 million users in 40 countries around the world.


It will be a remote job.

You can always contact the team and ask questions on SNS or emails.

We are open to your questions and new ideas too.


We have had more than 50 non-professional writers, and they now have a career in the content businesses of the entertainment industry.



  1. Apply: Submit a test scenario and answer some questions

  2. Evaluation

  3. We email you when you are recruited.

  4. Contract


  1. After the contract, we email you as to which title and story, we want you to work on.

  2. Information on characters and writing format will be shared with you.

We use google drive for convenience.

Writing format is a regular format used for Otome games.

  1. You plan a plot and we check OR We give you a plot

  2. Write the story!